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When I invited Stephanie Booth to come talk with us, I asked her to be direct and share where she thought we could improve our site and our blogs. As requested, she came armed with a mind map of where we needed to improve. Here are some of the things she identified.

  • Make sure the objectives and purpose of each feature (blog, forum, wiki) is clear to the end user
  • The site has lots of ways to access information. Simplify.
  • Branding of different areas – make visual cues so people know they in a specific community
  • Clear URL scheme (especially for blogs)
  • Blogs are somewhat hidden. Make them stand out in the communities more.
  • Too much clutter. Simplify.
  • Custom 404 would really help

She also identified a few things to work on for the blogs

  • get the few last posts out on the site or on the community home page
  • use meta blogging – blog about what’s happening on the site
  • standard disclaimer on all blogs, rather than doing it differently on each blog
  • people’s blogs should look unique
  • make a print stylesheet, including the URL
  • remove user generated html, so all blogs keep the same consistent layout

The input was appreciated. We’ll be able to take action on many of these.

Next up: How to be a good blogger

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January 17th, 2007 at 8:36 pm

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